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The leader of the largest opposition coalition in Tunisia called today, Sunday, on President Kais Saied to “immediately leave” after the failure in the legislative elections aimed at renewing the parliament, which witnessed a massive abstention rate of more than 92 percent.

The head of the National Salvation Front, Ahmed Najib Chebbi, said in a telephone statement to Agence France-Presse on Sunday that these elections “show that very few Tunisians support Kais Saied’s approach.”

Al-Shabi added that “this is a great popular abandonment of the process,” which began with freezing the parliament and dismissing the prime minister on July 25, 2021, before monopolizing all powers.

And, he continued, “92 percent turned their backs on the illegal process that violates the constitution,” noting that Saturday’s vote was preceded by “a great international abandonment” during Saeed’s recent visit to the United States, where he faced “rejection” of his political process.

“The political process is rejected internally and externally,” said Chebbi, leader of the coalition that includes Ennahda, calling on other political parties to “agree on appointing a senior judge” capable of “supervising new presidential elections.”

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