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The Netherlands has a 250-year-long history of enslavement, for which Prime Minister Mark Ruta has officially apologized.
According to the news agency AFP, an apology has come from the Netherlands. One and a half hundred years after the formal end of the tradition of slavery.
Prime Minister Mark Ruta called the tradition of slavery a “crime against humanity” during his speech. He said, “Today, on behalf of the Dutch government, I apologize for the past actions of the Dutch state.”

The Dutch state has a long history of enslaving and trading humans, with 600,000 slaves shipped from Africa in the 16th and 17th centuries to colonies in South America and the Caribbean.
Prime Minister Mark Ruta added, “The responsibility of the enslaved people and their ancestors to live through great suffering rests with the state of the Netherlands.”
Ministers from the Netherlands visited all the colonies. That the Dutch state ruled for 250 years to offer an official apology.
Ministers visited the seven colonies to be establish in South America. And the Caribbean and openly condemned the practices of slavery.
The government of the Netherlands has announced to spend 212 million dollars for social activities, deciding to hold commemorative events from next year.
Dutch-colonial Suriname will also celebrate the 150th anniversary of freedom from slavery, known locally as ‘Kiti Koti’, which means ‘breaking the chains’.

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However, the Dutch government is also being criticized that all these projects have been made. Unilaterally without consultation with the countries concerned, which shows their colonial attitudes.
While the Dutch Prime Minister also said in his speech. That choosing the right occasion to apologize for past crime is a ‘complicated matter’.

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