Ancient Designs

Researchers have discovered more than 100 ancient designs in the ancient Nazca plains of Peru.

More than 100 ancient designs discovered in and around Nazca, Peru’s ancient plains may reveal new information about the mysterious pre-Columbian artifacts, which have baffled scientists and visitors alike. It has been attracting attention for decades.

Researchers from Japan’s Yamagata University have confirmed the discovery of 168 ancient designs after a 2-year field survey and drone-assisted photography of a UNESCO World Heritage site on Peru’s South Pacific coast.

Carved in the South American desert, these ancient designs are more than 2,000 years old and represent humans, cats, snakes, killer whales, birds and indigenous camels.

Jorge Olano, head of the Nazca Lions Research Program, says the new designs average between 2 and 6 meters (6.56 to 19.7 feet) in length, which could only be seen from the air and are still a mystery.

The designs unveiled this month are small and can be seen from the ground, he said.

It should be noted that researchers have discovered 190 ancient designs in the area since 2004. but the vastness of the area they are covering has complicated the study and conservation efforts of the heritage site.

Yamagata University says the research will be used in artificial intelligence-based surveys to inform the conservation of these designs.

The university’s study, conducted in collaboration with the Peruvian government, has helped to define and protect the area as it faces threats from urban and economic development.

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