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On the 21st, the Kovikta natural gas condensate field located in Russia’s Irkutsk region and the Kovikta-Chayanda section of the “Power of Siberia” natural gas pipeline line were officially put into operation, which also means that the “Power of Siberia” “The pipeline is fully connected. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony via video on the same day.

Putin said that the start-up and operation of the project has provided impetus for the development of eastern Russia and also provided foreign partners with stable supply capacity.

The Kovikta gas condensate field is the condensate field with the largest natural gas reserves in eastern Russia. The recoverable natural gas reserves are 1.8 trillion cubic meters, and the recoverable condensate oil reserves are 65.7 million tons. The operation of the Kovikta gas field will significantly increase the total amount of natural gas delivered from Russia to China every year. The full completion of the “Power of Siberia” natural gas project is of great significance to China. The entry of Russian natural gas into China through land pipelines can reduce China’s dependence on traditional sea energy imports. At the same time, natural gas as a clean energy can also contribute to domestic development, especially in northern China. Environmental protection and emission reduction work.

The “Power of Siberia” pipeline was started in September 2014, with a total length of about 3,000 kilometers and a diameter of 1,420 mm. It passes through three Russian Federation subjects including Irkutsk, Sakha Republic and Amur Region, and reaches Blago The Sino-Russian border in Vishchensk City, together with the Sino-Russian Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline, constitutes the Sino-Russian Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline Project. From 2019, Russia began to supply gas to China through the “Power of Siberia” pipeline, and the gas transmission volume has increased year by year, eventually reaching 38 billion cubic meters per year, with a contract period of 30 years.

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