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Belgian investigators and justice continue, through Judge Michael Cleese. An expert in economic crimes, to investigate one of the largest corruption cases. That shake the European Parliament and that would affect the credibility of the European Union. In general, after the emergence of evidence and evidence proving the involvement of Moroccan intelligence in buying the liabilities of European parliamentarians to influence On the decisions of this legislative body. Especially in the issue of Western Sahara.

European Union
European Union

European media spoke at length about the case of “the involvement of Qataris in bribery” of European parliamentarians in order to defend Qatar’s organization of the World Cup. In response to the campaign of criticism. That the Gulf country was subjected to due to allegations of violation of workers’ rights during the construction of facilities hosting the World Cup matches.

However, what is wrong with the European media in general is its focus on the issue of Qatar. While it maintains “silence” on the issue of Morocco’s involvement in a new corruption scandal. Whose threads extend to the European Parliament. According to the Belgian newspaper “Standard”, the investigations opened by the Belgian intelligence services. Under the supervision of Judge Michael Cleese. An expert in economic crimes, revealed that some European parliamentarians had received sums of money. And valuable gifts from Moroccan officials with the aim of influencing decisions taken within the European Parliament.

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The Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” revealed documents related to the suspicious practices of some deputies in the European Parliament based in Brussels. Before the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir” revealed the arrest of the Greek Vice-President of the European Parliament. Eva Kayli, as part of a campaign of arrests of parliamentary figures, most notably the former Socialist MP. In the European Parliament, the Italian Per Paziri, who founded a human rights organization funded by the Makhzen Intelligence, through both the head of the General Department for Studies and Documentation, which is the name of the Moroccan intelligence, in addition to the Moroccan ambassador to Poland, Abdellatif Hammouchi, who was nicknamed in the leaks as the “giant” in reference to to his influence.

Relations between Panziri and Morocco began during his first parliamentary term. Beginning in 2011, when he met at that time with members of the delegation of the Moroccan embassy in Brussels, and this was to arrange his visit to Rabat two weeks after the meeting. In order to deflect suspicions about being close to Morocco, he visited the desert camps of Tindouf. During his three terms, Panziri was able to consolidate his relations with the “Makhzen” after he was a member of the Committee on Relations with the Maghreb, while Rabat describes him as a key figure within the European Parliament in order to confront the European parliamentarians supporting and defending the Western Sahara issue, led by British Parliamentarian Charles Tanook.

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