flights canceled in USA

On Thursday, US airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights scheduled for Thursday and Friday due to a severe cold wave that precedes a strong winter storm that will hit large parts of the country.

And the “Flight Aware” website, which tracks aircraft movements, stated, in a statement, that the total number of cancellations within, to or from the United States amounted to about 1,239 flights as of Thursday, while 699 additional flights scheduled for Friday were canceled, pointing out that these cancellations coincided with the beginning of the flight. The travel season is shaping up to be one of the busiest for holiday travel in decades.

These cancellations come after US airlines, including “Delta”, “United Airlines” and “American Airlines” announced last Tuesday that they will cancel fees for adjusting reservations and price differences for passengers in a number of affected areas, noting that they continue to monitor the winter storm. Which is expected to affect airports in the Midwest, Northeast, and East Coast within days.
The end of last year’s vacation in the United States was affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 among the crew, which forced airlines to cancel many flights.

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