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America has been gripped by a severe winter storm, after which nearly 1.5 million Americans lost power.
According to the French news agency AFP, due to this storm, a few days before Christmas, the country’s major highways were closed and thousands of flights were canceled.

Currently, heavy snowfall, strong and cold winds are prevailing in most parts of the country, including the southern states, which are considered to have moderate weather.
According to the National Weather Service, about 240 million people (70 percent of the population) are facing a climate challenge as cold winds drop temperatures as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
According to the ‘Tracker Power Outage US’, the severe winter is a cause of immediate concern for about 1.5 million electricity customers, especially in the South and East of the United States.

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Transportation departments in North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa and elsewhere reported near-zero visibility, snow-covered roads and blizzard conditions and urged residents to stay indoors, according to AFP. Who is
At least two deaths in traffic accidents were reported in Oklahoma on Thursday, while Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear confirmed three deaths in his state.
New York Governor Cathy Hoechl said in a press briefing that this is a very large and nationwide storm. The roads are turning into ice-skating rinks and your tires can’t handle the situation.

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Rosa Falcon, a school teacher and volunteer, told AFP that desperate migrants in El Paso, Texas, huddled in churches, schools and a civic center for warmth.
But some of them still stayed outside in the minus 15 degree temperature for fear of being spotted by immigration officials.
“I think every few years we get a couple of big storms and then we go back to normal,” Jennifer Campbell of Caledon, Ontario, told AFP.
It should be noted that on Friday, more than 4,500 American flights were canceled ahead of time, while 5,900 were delayed.

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