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As one of the most popular mobile services in Russia, the unlimited mobile internet plan known as “Ys-system” has been a great success. In 2013, the Russian government officially approved this system and allocated enough base stations to cover all 83 Russian cities. It is not difficult to understand why this unique tariff has become so popular among the inhabitants of Russia.

The plan was created by the telecommunications company Yota in 2009. In three years, they increased base station coverage hundreds of times. It’s an exciting idea to cover every street with high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots. At first, people were skeptical about this new technology, but now many Russians have access to incredible new applications thanks to Yota’s great plan.

Equipment line

Initially, the amplifier was just a Yota antenna with a modem soldered into it, mounted in an office window. But with the development of technology, Ys-system developed and began to work with various manufacturers.

Street II – is a basic device that can function with any Internet. The possibility of receiving a signal is carried out at a distance of 10-15 km from the base station. Comes with a USB cable that is built into the amplifier. Its length is 10 meters. The amplifier uses MIMO technology.

Street II Pro. Working distance 15-17 km from the “base”. Frequency, works with all SIM cards – like the classic version of the equipment – Street II. Notable Features: Use PoE technology when connected via communication line. This is a professional device that allows you to distribute an Internet signal at a distance of 150m to 400m from the installation point of the amplifier. By raising it as high as possible, you will get the most stable signal and high speed from any device without throttling.

Street Ultra Pro. If in the equipment of the Street II Pro model the antenna gain is 12-16 dB, respectively, then in the Ultra Pro it is 20-22 dB. This is almost twice as much as the above devices. This furniture has the ability to function at a distance of 25-30 km from the base. The amplifier is equipped with a built-in wireless Internet access point, which is responsible for signal distribution in the range of 150-500 meters.

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