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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has defended his country’s stance on the war in Ukraine and hinted at deepening ties with Russia in the coming years.
According to the American news agency AP, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a video conference in Beijing on Sunday also accused the United States of deteriorating relations between the world’s two largest economies.

He said that China strongly rejects America’s “wrong China policy”.
China has rejected Western pressure on trade, technology, human rights, and its claim to Taiwan in the Western Pacific.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi added that China will further strengthen cooperation with Russia on strategic mutual trust and protection of mutual interests.
He said that China has a neutral position regarding Ukraine and is not favoring any side.
Both China and Russia are facing pressure from the West. The economic future of both countries is still tied to American and European markets and technology.
President Xi Jinping wants China’s industry to be self-sufficient, but Wang Yi acknowledged that experience has shown that “China and the United States cannot cut ties or suspend bilateral trade between the two countries.” ‘
He said that China will try to restore its relations with the United States.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the relationship deteriorated because the US continues to see China as a rival and engages in blockade, pressure and provocation against China.

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