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After the end of travel restrictions imposed in China related to Corona, the people have regained complete freedom to travel abroad after three years, while on the other hand, the stock market has also seen an improvement.
According to the French news agency AFP, there has been a wave of joy in the people who were cut off from the rest of the country for many years after the end of the restrictions imposed from March 2020.
China has lifted the quarantine requirement for travelers coming from foreign countries while ending the Corona restrictions.

Late on Monday night, the government announced that from January 8, travelers arriving in China will not have to stay in quarantine.
After China’s announcement, hopes for a recovery in the world’s second-largest economy and an increase in oil production have been raised, while a large number of Chinese citizens are buying tickets to travel abroad.
Apart from China’s Shanghai index, the stock markets of Singapore and Mumbai showed an upward trend on Tuesday, while the Tokyo stock market ended the day slightly ahead of Janvi Korea.
Excluding Japan, Asia-Pacific shares rose 0.6 percent, outperforming the global share index.
The European 600 index rose a modest 0.5 percent, while the U.S. stock market rose 0.7 percent.

Internet Photo
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China has reopened its borders to travelers from overseas after lifting travel restrictions and particularly quarantine requirements, which will also revive the tourism industry.
Chung Chung, a 27-year-old resident of the capital Beijing, told AFP that the travel plans she had made for three years would now come true.
“I feel now that the (Corona) epidemic is finally over now.
Since the removal of corona restrictions, the number of cases of the virus in China has increased so much that even hospitals have run out of space for patients.
China has largely managed to contain the spread of the Corona virus by imposing strict restrictions, while other countries have built immunity against the virus in the population through vaccines and booster shots.
Chen, a resident of Shanghai, China’s capital city, reacted by saying that China is finally getting back to normal, and now she will be able to visit her parents in London.

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