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India’s Defense Ministry has approved the purchase of 120 ‘Parale Ballistic’ missiles to be deployed along its borders with Pakistan and China.
Indian TV channel NDTV quoted an ANI report as saying that the ‘Prale’ ballistic missiles can hit a target from 150 to 500 km and it is extremely difficult for the enemy to intercept it with an interceptor missile. .

Defense sources told ANI that a high-level meeting of the Ministry of Defense approved the acquisition of around 120 missiles for the armed forces and their deployment along the borders.
It should be noted that both Pakistan and China have ballistic missiles.
Sources said that the missile developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization is being further developed and its range can be extended considerably if the forces so desire.
This missile was successfully tested twice in a row, on December 21 and December 22 last year.

The range of Prale Missiles

‘Prale’ is a semi-ballistic surface-to-surface missile. The modern missile is designed to defeat interceptor missiles. It has the ability to change its course in the atmosphere.
The ‘Pralle’ ballistic missile is equipped with a solid propellant rocket motor and other new technologies. The missile guidance system includes advanced navigation and integrated avionics.
Defense experts say that such a missile system could be used to target the enemy’s long-range air defense systems and other high-value installations and weapons.
The proposed purchase of these missiles comes at a time when India’s defense forces are working to build a rocket force capable of hitting enemy targets at long range.

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