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According to the Syrian News Agency, on December 27, Syrian Foreign Minister Mekdad had a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. The two sides discussed international and regional hotspot issues, reaffirmed the continued strengthening of bilateral relations, and discussed the challenges that some Western countries’ policies have brought to the world.

Mekdade said that due to the unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria by the United States and other countries, as well as the continued military presence of the United States in Syria and the frequent theft of oil, wheat and other resources, the Syrian economy is facing difficulties, and the people find it difficult to obtain energy that guarantees the most basic standard of living. . In addition, Mekdade condemned the policy of the United States and its allies to prolong the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to satisfy their own interests.

Lavrov said Russia supports Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and will continue to support Syria’s efforts to return refugees.

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