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The United Nations Security Council has called on the Taliban to reverse policies targeting women and girls in Afghanistan.
According to the French news agency AFP, the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday expressed concern over the “increasing violations of human rights” in Afghanistan.

The 15-member UN Security Council said in a statement that it was “deeply concerned” by the growing restrictions on women’s education.
He urged the Taliban to “reopen schools and immediately change these policies that are against human rights.”
The Security Council also condemned the ban on women working for NGOs.
The statement said that these sanctions are contrary to the promises made by the Taliban to the Afghan people as well as the expectations of the international community.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called recent restrictions on women and girls an “unjust human rights violation” and said they should be repealed.
Earlier on Tuesday, the UN rights chief warned that such policies would have “terrible” consequences.
“These unimaginable restrictions on women and girls will not only add to the suffering of all Afghans, but I fear it will extend beyond Afghanistan’s borders,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk said in a statement. Will cause danger.’
He said that Afghan society is at risk of instability due to these policies.
Volker Turk warned that banning women from working in NGOs would deprive families of vital income and undermine the organizations’ ability to provide essential services.
Several foreign aid agencies announced on Sunday that they were suspending their operations in Afghanistan.

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