Photo by foreign media

The face of Ramses II, the most powerful pharaoh of ancient Egypt, has been brought to light after 3200 years with the help of modern scientific 3D technology.

According to foreign media, the Pharaoh’s face was reconstructed using a 3D technology model in collaboration with scientists from Egypt and England.

Scientists have reduced the pharaoh’s age by about half a century after reedit his face to reveal the face of the era at the time of his rule.

Thus, this is the first time in history that first scientific edited image of the pharaoh to come out with the help of modern 3D technology, which has been created with the help of a CT scan of his real skull.

The 3D model of the pharaoh’s skull was created by Sahar Salim of Cairo University in egypt.

Sahar Salim said that this 3D image of Pharaoh that came out with the help of latest 3D technology was fascinating.

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