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A multi-talented Ugandan farmer has finally decided not to expand his family after more than 100 children.

67-year-old Ugandan farmer Muzi Musa Hasahia currently has 102 children from 12 wives and 568 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But now he has planned to stop this growing family size. Although polygamy is legally allowed in his village of Lusaka.

Brought up in the worst conditions of poverty, Muzi Musa Hasahiya worked hard day and night to pull himself out of these conditions and accumulated considerable wealth and increased his prestige and became the village chairperson for several decades. Is.

Because of his status, whenever he approached a family’s daughter for marriage, he was never refused.

Muzi Musa Hasahiya married for the first time in 1971 at the age of 16 and has since married 11 more times, reportedly because his father had only two children, which threatened the extinction of his clan. was

So he tried on his own to ensure that he had more than 100 children. He says that my father had two wives and only two children were born to them, but now his clan is increasing in number.

But all is not well with all these things; raising such a large family is becoming more and more difficult with the necessities of life and rising expenses. Due to which half of his wives have left him.

At present he has six wives with him. He had considerable wealth, but four years ago his cattle business suffered losses, after which his wives started leaving him.

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