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The impact of the US winter storm continues. According to a report by NBC News on the 26th, the rare blizzard has caused 57 deaths in the United States, 27 of whom were from Erie County in western New York State. The death toll could rise further as rescue efforts begin. The freezing weather sparked a series of chaos, with many residents without water and electricity in their homes and sporadic robberies in western New York state.

The White House issued a statement on the 26th stating that due to the emergency caused by the severe winter storm that began on December 23 and continued, US President Biden declared a state of emergency in New York State and ordered the federal government to provide assistance to assist New York State and local governments in emergency response. management work. Earlier, New York Governor Kathy Hochul called on the White House to provide federal aid to New York State in a statement.

The blizzard has brought a lot of chaos and inconvenience to the lives of local people. According to reports, many victims were found in cars, homes, and in snowdrifts. Some died after being trapped in their cars for extended periods of time, while others died of heart attacks while shoveling snow. In addition, some people suffered from sudden illnesses, but the heavy snow prevented emergency personnel from arriving on time. With many grocery stores closed, some pleaded for food and diapers on social media.

In Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo, Melissa Osment’s home was without power for 72 hours, forcing her and her husband to hide in their car to keep warm. At the same time, Trisha Lograsso’s family had to gather around the heater in the living room, where the temperature in her house was only 5.5 degrees Celsius. Her home has no heating due to a gas leak. Her home also has no running water because of a broken pipe. She said that she has always lived there, “this is the worst storm I have ever seen.”

Hochul said the outdoor environment remains dangerous. The snow has started to fall again, and it is too early to declare that the blizzard is over. According to CNN, the Buffalo area in Erie County in western New York State was the hardest hit. The death toll is expected to rise further as local officials work to restore power, clear roads and search for people who may still be trapped. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said on the 26th that there were still 10,000 local residents without electricity.

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