Saudi Arabia Police

15328 illegal immigrants were arrested in Saudi Arabia last week.
According to the Saudi Press Agency, these arrests took place between December 22 and December 28, 2022.

The Joint Committee on Illegal Immigrants has said that 8,808 of those arrested yesterday were violating Iqama law.
4038 arrested were guilty of violation of border laws while 2482 migrants were involved in violation of labor laws.
During the said period, 552 people have been arrested who were trying to enter the country illegally by crossing the border.
“Of them, 48 percent were Yemenis, 47 percent were Ethiopians, and 5 percent were immigrants from other countries.”
Similarly, 116 people have been arrested while trying to leave the country illegally by crossing the border.
The committee has said that “10 people have been arrested for providing facilities to illegal immigrants”.

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