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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country will not bow to Western efforts to destroy Russia by using Ukraine as a tool.
According to the British news agency Reuters, Putin said in his New Year video message that Russia is fighting to protect its “motherland” in Ukraine.

The New Year’s message was recorded in front of Russian soldiers and aired on Russian state television.
President Putin further said that Russia’s war in Ukraine is to achieve ‘real freedom’.
According to President Putin, “Moral and historical truth is with us.”
“Today we are fighting for and protecting our people in historically our own territories that are now part of the Russian Federation.”
On the other hand, the Russian Defense Minister has said in the New Year message that Russia’s victory over Ukraine is inevitable. He also praised the bravery of the Russian soldiers.
According to the news agency AFP, loud explosions were heard in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on Saturday.
According to AFP journalists, at least ten explosions were heard in Kiev on Saturday afternoon. Local authorities have issued an airstrike alert and asked people to go to shelters.

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