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On December 31, the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine, Klitschko posted on his official social account that the Russian missile attack killed one person and injured seven in Kyiv that day. According to Ukrainian media reports, on the same day, a hotel in downtown Kyiv was attacked and damaged.

The mayor of Kyiv later announced that the number of injured in the air strike that day was updated to 20, of which 14 were sent to the hospital for treatment, and a Japanese reporter was injured in the air strike. He said that currently 30% of Kyiv is without power, but water supply, heating and other livelihood security systems are operating normally.

In addition, according to Japan’s Kyodo News and other media, on the 31st, the mayor of Kyiv confirmed that a photographer from Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” was injured by a missile attack in the local area. According to information on social media, the photographer suffered a leg injury and his life is not in danger.

Russia has yet to respond to this.

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