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At the beginning of the year 2023, several explosions were heard in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, while in other cities, warning sirens began to sound to warn of a possible air strike.
According to the news agency Reuters, as soon as the sirens sounded, the citizens of Kiev came out to the balconies of their homes and shouted slogans in favor of Ukraine and its soldiers.
Ukraine’s air defense system destroyed the missile in mid-air, but its fragments landed in Kiev, damaging a vehicle.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klychko says that according to preliminary information, no one was injured or killed in the attack.
Military officials say that 23 missiles were fired by Russia and destroyed.
The attacks came shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s New Year’s address.
After the attack, Kiev officials wrote in a message on the social networking app Telegram that the air defense system was working.
Kyiv Governor Oleksiy Koliba said the city had been attacked using drones.
On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his New Year’s address, called the Ukraine attack a war of integrity and said that Western countries want to weaken and break Russia.
In the longest speech of his 22-year reign, President Putin said that Russian soldiers are fighting for truth, justice and their land to preserve the integrity of Russia.
For the past several months, the Kremlin has portrayed the Ukraine conflict as a limited campaign that has not affected the vast majority of Russian citizens. But in a speech on Saturday night, President Putin gave the opposite message, saying that many of the upcoming Month every citizen has to sacrifice.

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