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In the latest wave of violence in Indian-administered Kashmir, 10 people have been killed in six days.
News agency AFP quoted officials as saying that fresh incidents of violence were reported in the Hindu-dominated Jammu region of the Valley. According to him, ten people have been killed in the last six days.
Insurgent groups in Kashmir have been fighting for the independence of Kashmir or its annexation to Pakistan for decades.

India has deployed more than 500,000 troops in Kashmir and its southern region of Jammu is Hindu-majority and relatively peaceful.
According to police officer Mukesh Singh, two gun-toting anti-India rebels opened fire on villagers in the remote village of Dangri on Sunday, killing four people and injuring five others.
After which the police and security forces started a search operation in the area along the Line of Control.
Another police officer told AFP that a man and a seven-year-old child were killed in an explosion on Monday. According to him, an unexploded bomb was also found near the crime scene, which was defused by the special squad.
After these killings, a clash broke out between alleged militants and security forces at a check post on Wednesday. According to the police, four suspected insurgents were killed in the clash while the driver of their truck escaped from the spot.
According to officials, 172 suspected militants and 26 military personnel were killed in clashes last year.
Indian-administered Kashmir has not had an elected government for the past five years and is being controlled directly from Delhi.
India frequently accuses Pakistan of helping the rebels, which Islamabad denies.
Pakistan says that it supports the struggle for self-determination of Kashmiris on a diplomatic and moral level.

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