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According to a CNN report on January 1, parts of California were hit by storms, causing Northern California to face widespread flooding and power outages. Evacuated from home the night before. Some sections of highways in California were also blocked due to flooding.

According to reports, the floods caused by the storm flooded the streets of Sacramento, Santa Cruz County, San Ramon and other areas in California, and the water level of the river rose. The local police even dispatched armored rescue vehicles to help evacuate residents.

In addition, in Nevada, which is adjacent to California, the storm brought a lot of snow to the mountainous areas. As a result, dozens of cars were stranded on the highway and were rescued to get out of trouble.

According to statistics from a website that monitors power outages in the United States, as of 6:32am Western Time on the 1st, the storm has caused power outages for more than 200,000 users in California, and Nevada has also been affected by rainfall and snowfall, and more than 68,000 users have lost power.

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