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A 20-year-old girl died in a horrific road accident in the Indian capital New Delhi, a few hours after the start of the year 2023.

After hitting the car, the girl’s body got stuck in the car. She dragged herself for many kilometers.

The New Delhi Women’s Commission has reacted strongly to this issue.

The commission has questioned the safety of women and said that the body of a girl was found naked on the road; it is a very terrible case.

It may be noted that a car hit a girl riding a Scotty at New Air Night in New Delhi, after which the car dragged the girl for 4 km.

Some Indian media have claimed to drag up to 12 km.

Police say it was just an accident. No evidence of rape was found on the victim.

The 5 boys in the car involved in the incident have been arrested. People are calling it the height of indifference.

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