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Moscow, January 2 Russian Ministry of Defense Spokesman Konashenkov said on the 2nd that the temporary deployment point of the Russian army located in the Makeyevka settlement area of the Donetsk region, was attacked by Uzbekistan. The attack by the Russian side killed 63 Russian soldiers.

Konashenkov said in announcing the daily battle situation that day that the Ukrainian army fired six “Hippocampus” multiple rocket launcher rockets at the Russian side. Russian air defense equipment intercepted 2 of the rockets, and 4 rockets with explosive warheads hit the temporary deployment point of the Russian army, killing 63 people. Russia “will provide all necessary help and support to the relatives and friends of the fallen officers and soldiers.”

Konashenkov also said that the Russian Air Force used high-precision weapons to attack the temporary deployment sites of Ukrainian foreign troops in the Donetsk region and several settlements in the Kharkov region, killing more than 70 foreign troops. Mercenary. In addition, the Russian army carried out artillery strikes on the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Brigade in several residential areas in Kharkov, and the Ukrainian side lost as many as 30 soldiers, 2 armored combat vehicles and 3 cars; More than 40 soldiers, 3 armored transport vehicles and 2 trucks from the Ukrainian side; 70 Ukrainian soldiers, 4 infantry fighting vehicles and 5 vehicles were eliminated in the direction of Donetsk; More than 40 people, 3 armored combat vehicles and 2 trucks.

The Ukrainian Air Force posted on social media on the 2nd that Russia launched a large-scale drone attack on Ukraine from the evening of the 1st to the early morning of the 2nd local time. The Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile force, fighter jets and mobile anti-aircraft firepower counterattacked and shot down 39 attack drones, 2 unmanned reconnaissance drones and an air-to-surface missile.

The military of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, announced on the 2nd that a total of 22 drones were shot down over the city during the air strike. Kyiv Mayor Klitschko said on the same day that due to the damage to the energy infrastructure in the air strike, the city implemented an emergency power outage, resulting in the interruption of power supply to some heating facilities

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