body ache

In winter, many people feel pain in the body after waking up in the morning. But there is no specific reason for it, but now experts have explained not only the reason but also the way to avoid the pain.

As soon as winter begins, when extremely cold winds begin to blow, due to the change in temperature, a person feels sluggish in his body.

During this change of season, people who suffer from arthritis may also experience pain in their joints, which is often caused by not working.

Dr. Kadam Nagpal, a neurologist from Delhi, says that when it gets cold, we don’t exercise, even move our body less than in our normal life, so during winter, the body I experience pain.

“Many people may experience winter colds, headaches, and back and neck stiffness while biking,” he said.

“If you’re at risk of getting body aches when you get cold, make sure you’re covered properly and if you’re cycling, cover yourself up,” he added. Cover with sweater jackets and also use a muffler’.

Experts say that ‘you should do some kind of exercise or some activity regularly in winter so that some flexibility is created in the affected parts of the body’.

According to experts, due to the shorter days of winter, less sunlight is available, due to which the human body is deprived of vitamin D, the most important component for bones.

“Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for strong bones, teeth and joints, and in winter, low levels of vitamin D also increase the risk of bone pain, fractures, muscle spasms and muscle weakness,” he said. In this situation, the body cannot absorb calcium and phosphorus properly.

He added that ‘in winter, it is best for people who suffer from arthritis to run heaters in their rooms, apart from daily exercise and consumption of omega-3 rich foods, the body and joint pain can also be reduced. Help can be found’.

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