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Rats up to 2 feet long have started entering homes in Britain, due to which peace has left the lives of citizens.

In the UK, due to not going to the office and working from home, the number of mice has increased in many areas.

According to foreign media, rats up to 2 feet long climb the walls of citizens’ houses, entering the houses through washrooms and drains.

According to reports, as people’s cars are parked on the streets due to working from home, the vehicles of the garbage collection companies face difficulties in entering the streets due to which the garbage bins are filled and not cleaned. would go

According to foreign media, the number of rats has increased due to the overflowing of garbage bins, which poses a threat to the health of citizens.

According to reports, it is possible that there are currently 200 million rats in the UK.

According to health experts, mice can also cause dangerous diseases for humans.

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