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The northern part of India has been hit by cold snaps in recent days. The minimum temperature in the capital New Delhi dropped to 1.9 degrees Celsius on the 8th, a new low since this winter. The local meteorological department issued an “orange warning” to New Delhi and other areas, reminding people to pay attention to cold protection and warmth.

The Indian Meteorological Department said that the cold weather continued in the northern region on the 8th, and the lowest temperature in many places dropped to close to zero degrees Celsius. At a meteorological observation station in New Delhi, the minimum temperature dropped to 1.9 degrees Celsius. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius lower than in previous years.

Footage taken on the streets of New Delhi showed street vendors, rickshaw drivers, and homeless people wrapping themselves in blankets in the cold wind, while some lit bonfires to keep warm.

At the same time as the cold snap hit, New Delhi and its surrounding areas were shrouded in smog, causing traffic jams. Visibility in parts of New Delhi was less than 50 meters on the 8th, and visibility in parts of Punjab was only 25 meters.

Officials at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport said about 20 flights had been delayed due to the smog. The Indian Railways announced the cancellation of 259 trains that day.

The Indian Meteorological Department expects the cold snap to rage in parts of the north for about two more days.

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