US ERBS Earth Exploration Satellite (NASA)

Overseas Network, January 9th, according to South Korea’s “Central Daily” report, South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communications said on January 8th that a defunct satellite of NASA is falling into the earth’s atmosphere, and the wreckage may fall on the Earth’s atmosphere today (9th). Korean Peninsula. The department has issued a warning alert and reminded the public to stay safe.

The Earth Exploration Satellite, code-named ERBS, weighs 2,450 kilograms and has been operating in space for nearly 40 years. NASA said the chances of the debris hitting someone is 1 in 9,400.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communications stated that most of the satellite’s components will burn up in the atmosphere, and the remaining debris is expected to fall to the surface of the earth between 9:00 and 17:00 local time on the 9th. If the public sees a suspected falling object, do not touch it and report it to the fire department immediately.

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