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According to Chinese media, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government stated on the evening of the 10th that it is highly concerned about the South Korean authorities’ restriction of Hong Kong passenger flights to only land at Incheon International Airport, and is actively following up on the incident in order to reduce the impact on Hong Kong passengers.

A spokesman for the SAR government said that the SAR government is aware that from now until the end of next month, passenger flights from Hong Kong can only land at Incheon International Airport. The HKSAR government believes that the restrictions on flights departing from Hong Kong are unreasonable, and immediately wrote to the South Korean authorities and contacted the Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong to express strong concern, and sternly request the authorities to cancel the relevant restrictions.

The spokesperson mentioned that the Transport and Logistics Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has reminded local airlines to update affected passengers with the latest flight arrangements as soon as possible and provide appropriate support and assistance.

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