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ANKARA, January 11. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara supports the opening of a humanitarian corridor for the wounded in connection with the situation in Ukraine, and is ready to take care of their treatment.
Turkey is counting on the opening of a humanitarian corridor between the Russian Federation and Ukraine through the mediation of Ankara to help children, women and the wounded affected by the crisis in Ukraine, Turkish Ombudsman Sheref Malkoch said earlier.
“Sheref Bey (Turkish Ombudsman) is talking about whether it is possible to open a corridor for the wounded (due to the situation in Ukraine). We support this. We brought the wounded from Syria , Azerbaijan and Libya , treated them in our hospitals and sent them back again This is our humanitarian duty. We will continue to work in this direction,” Erdogan said, speaking to the participants of the international conference on human rights in Ankara.

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