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The US has made the sale of advanced F-16 fighter jets to Turkey conditional on Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

The Biden administration will seek congressional approval to sell $20 billion worth of new F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

According to the report of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, the sale of new F-35 aircraft to Greece will also be approved by Congress.

According to US officials, the sale of F-16s to Turkey is conditional on Sweden and Finland lifting their objections to joining NATO.

It should be noted that Turkey, Sweden and Finland are against joining NATO.

Next week, Congress will be briefed on the F-16 deal with Turkey, while Turkey’s foreign minister will also be in Washington.

The Wall Street Journal has said in the report that under the agreement, Turkey will buy 40 new F-16 aircraft from the United States.

In addition, kits will be purchased to upgrade the existing 79 F-16s, as well as 900 air-to-air missiles, and 800 bombs.

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