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The dead body of the female cricketer Rajshri from the Odisha (indian state) was recovered from the forest.

According to regional police, the dead body of the 26-year-old cricketer was found hanging from a tree in the forest of Cuttack, Odisha.

Indian media said, the female cricketer was missing since January 112023, while her scooter has also been found by the police in the forest.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police said that case has been registered and the case will be investigated from every angle.

He said that the actual cause of death of the Rajshri cricketer will be revealed from the post-mortem report.

As Indian media reports, a training camp was going on in this area for the national level tournament for which Rajshri failed to get a place in the 16 member team selected.

An other female cricketer staying in the hotel with Rajshri said that she was crying after the announcement of the team members’ names on Wednesday evening and then went missing from the hotel where we were staying for the training session.

The family members of the Rajshri have termed the incident as murder and said that there were injury marks on the body.

According to the family of Rajshree, She was a fast bowler and a middle order batsman.

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