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An Indian citizen made headlines by showing his love for his late wife and he fulfill his promise to her.

Tapas Sandelia, a 65-year-old man, reportedly had a 30kg silicone model of his wife made and now lives with the life-like statue.

Tapas Sandelia is a retired government officer from the state of West Bengal. His wife Indrani, passed away during the Coronavirus epidemic in 2021. Both of them spent 39 years of married life together.

When his wife was taken to the hospital, they could not live together due to isolation and in this state of separation, the wife died.

He was deeply saddened and started looking for an artist to make a statue of his wife in the same size as his wife’s last wish, and within a period of six months, the statue was completed at a cost equivalent to US$3,000.

Regarding the preparation of the statue, Tapas Sandelia says that he along with his wife went to the Iskon temple in Mayapur a decade ago, where they were both very impressed by seeing a statue of Swamiji.

On this occasion, the wife expressed her wish to me that if she dies first, a similar statue should be made of her. live.

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