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Most of the drug “cocaine” used in France is transported to the European country through “drug mules” from the South American country of Guyana. That is, for drug trafficking, people are used who hide cocaine in their body parts and become a means of trafficking.
According to the news agency AFP, drug mules include women and children who are lured by the temptation of a few thousand euros to swallow cocaine capsules or hide them in hidden parts of the body.
Tonya, 27, said she needed the money and had no choice but to hide 800 grams of cocaine in her stomach and shoes.

Tonya Cocaine arrived in Paris via a disguised flight and was arrested by the police after leaving the airport.
Every flight from Guyana’s capital to France has at least 30 passengers carrying cocaine hidden in hidden parts of their bodies.
A kilogram of cocaine is bought from Guyana for 4,500 euros, while it is found in neighboring Suriname for 3,500 euros, which is sold to dealers in France for 35,000 euros. While customers buy it at three times the higher price.
Cocaine smugglers from South American countries to Europe are paid between 3 and 10,000 euros per trip.
According to ‘drug mule’ Tonya, the process of smuggling cocaine in this way is not that complicated; it just requires the right connections.

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There is no shortage of drug mules in the South American countries of Guyana and Suriname who are willing to risk their lives to smuggle narcotics for money. One of the reasons for this is extreme poverty and unemployment in these countries.
Julia, from Suriname, said she was aware of all the dangers ‘but what can you do when there is no other way?’
Julia is a mother of two and was caught by the police while smuggling cocaine, after which she spent two years in prison.
Julia’s friend Lydia was also offered 15 thousand euros by drug traffickers to smuggle 3.5 kg of cocaine.
Lydia was detained by police at the airport with 4.5 kg of cocaine.
In 2021, customs officials and police detained 512 passengers bound for Europe at Guyana’s airport, with a total of 1.26 tons of cocaine recovered.
The French Interior Ministry has asked to install scanners at the airport in Guyana’s capital, Cayenne, so that every person can be fully scanned before boarding a flight.

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