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Most of the regions of Russia have been gripped by a severe cold wave, while the temperature in Yakutsk has dropped to minus 50 degrees Celsius this week.
According to NDTV, Yakutsk, a famous mining city located five thousand kilometers from Moscow in the far east of Russia, is one of the coldest cities in the world.

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The temperature here often remains below minus 40 degrees.
Anastasia Gruzdeva, a citizen of Yakutsk, was wearing two scarves, two pairs of gloves.
He said, ‘You can’t fight it. You either adjust by dressing accordingly or face the pain.’
“You don’t feel the cold in the city or maybe it’s just your brain that prepares you for it and tells you that everything is normal,” he added about the city’s weather covered in snowy fog. .’
Another citizen is Norgesen Starostina who does not need a refrigerator or freezer to sell frozen fish in the market.
He says that there is no special secret to deal with this cold.

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