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Council tax in London has raised bus and train fares by a record 5.9%.

According to media reports, tube fares have been increased by 12% during peak hours in Zone 1, while off-peak tube fares have been increased by 20%.

In addition, the Day Travel Card has been increased by £4 for zones 1-6. Tube, Tube fares for zones 1-4 have increased by 70 pence.

Media reports indicate that the price of a weekly pass has increased by £1.40, while council tax on every London household has been increased by 9.7%.

Band D council tax in Greater London has been increased by £38.55, with rents and council tax increases taking effect from 1 April.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says that the increase was necessary due to the government not providing the required funds.

He added that safe London is our priority.

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