Turkey's president

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on January 23 that after the incident on the 21st, Turkey would not “give a green light signal” for Sweden to join NATO. “Sweden does not have to wait for our support,” Erdogan said.

On the 21st, because the Swedish government approved a right-wing figure to hold a demonstration near the Turkish embassy in Sweden that day, the Turkish side canceled the arrangement for Swedish Defense Minister Jonsson to visit Turkey.

Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO last May, but Turkey objected. After several rounds of negotiations, the three countries signed a memorandum at the end of June last year, confirming that Turkey agreed to support Sweden and Finland to join NATO. Restrictions on the export of defense equipment to Turkey.

According to the regulations, NATO must have the “unanimous consent” of the 30 member states before it can admit new members.

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