Photo by Saudi media

A 150-year-old cover of the Kaaba was put on display in Saudi Arabia, which has become the center of attention of people.

According to the Saudi media, talking to the media on the occasion of the exhibition. Farah Abu Shaleh, head of the Saudi Institute for World Culture, said that this exhibition is a journey of consciousness.

He said that the 150-year-old cover of the Kaaba is being visited for the first time in this exhibition.

According to Saudi media, the Kiswa, the covering of the Kaaba, is made of black silk, which also uses red and green silk, and is decorated with silver thread embroidery.

A person who saw the ancient cover of the Kaaba said, “I know for the first time that any color other than black can be used in the preparation of the cover of the Kaaba.”

According to reports, artifacts related to ancient weapons are also part of the exhibition.

According to Saudi media, this exhibition in Jeddah has started from January 23, which will continue in April.

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