Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan (former Prime Minister of Pakistan), while giving a special interview to Pakistani Media, said that she decided to make a film as a challenge, she wanted to make a film that would be accepted by Pakistan.

I wanted to show Pakistan as a beautiful place full of colors and fun. My ex-husband’s family was very conservative. I lived with my ex-husband’s sister, her husband, and their children. I also lived in the same house with their father; my sons don’t like such movies. He’s my biggest critic, and of course, he’s a half-Pakistani, Muslim kid, so his liking for this film is very important to me. There were tears, I didn’t see them laughing at it, but they said, “Mom, we are proud of you, maybe they know how much I have worked on this, more than anyone else, for me to say that.” Lahma Tha, Murtaza Ali Shah…we have Jemima Khan who needs no introduction; she has made a film that has been hyped, what’s love got to do with it? He has premiered on different shows all over the world and we are here for an exclusive interview with him. Some young people are forced into relationships; this is the movie that has a dream talk with Jemima:

First of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview; tell us a little about this film. Your articles have been published in English publications. Very good question. I decided to do this work as a challenge to myself. I wanted to make a film based on Pakistan. But I wanted to show that when I was in Pakistan, I was thinking about how Pakistan is portrayed on the western screen. like in western movies like Dark Thirty and Homeland, you can see that Muslims and Pakistanis are portrayed in a negative light. .Mortaza, Ali Shah … Jemima … Pakistan is shown as a scary and dark place. I got a chance to make a roaming comedy about Pakistan. has been added

It includes beautiful and talented Pakistani actresses like Sajal Ali and great actresses from India like Shabana Azmi, also amazing actresses like Lady James, and Emma Tammans and Shahzad Latif. Anyway, I always say, I have been hopeful since Rosavel that this film will be my love letter to Pakistan, a land where in a sense I lived my early life because I came here at the age of 20. I stayed there for 30 years, and I think it is part of my personality. I have a deep connection with this country. I have many friends in Pakistan. You get it Jemima…Haha. I am so lucky and thankful (to Pakistanis) for this I’m sure Pakistanis will love this movie Murtaza Ali Shah…No doubt this movie belongs to Pakistan. I have seen this movie

To what extent is this film influenced by your own experiences, like coming to Pakistan in your twenties, then having a very active 10-year stint here, and then returning to London, and still being permanently connected to Pakistan? ! Jemima… sees every scene, every character, and every line in the movie is connected to these things in one way or another.

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