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Each of us certainly has a number of remedies available to help us deal with a cold, hoarseness or sore throat. How to avoid any disease in winter? Below 10 best tips for your good health.

Treat yourself to vitamin C in all its forms

vitamin C is the most effective in the fight against infectious diseases. It is soluble in water and is easily excreted from the body through urine, so you don’t have to worry about it accumulating too much in your body. A large amount of vitamin C is contained in lemon juice and all citrus fruits, as well as black currants or rose hips, you can also buy it in tablets and various food supplements.

Learn how to boost immunity

 Getting enough sleep, regular physical activity and a balanced diet are important for a healthy immune system.

Don’t let yourself dry out

In order for the skin and mucous membranes to perform their protective function properly, the mucous membranes must be sufficiently moisturised and the skin hydrated and without cracks. Follow the drinking regime and moisturize the skin regularly.

Limit smoking

Smoking weakens the immune system and damages the respiratory tract, making it more susceptible to disease.

Do not overheat

 Sharp temperature fluctuations weaken our organism. Therefore, keep the temperature at home rather low during the winter. In addition to stronger health, you will also save money.

Go outside

Germs spread in closed and poorly ventilated spaces. However, be careful of hypothermia outside and make sure you wear suitable clothes and shoes during winter activities.

Wash your hands often

All infections spread very quickly in children’s groups. However, adults should know that consistent hand washing and proper use of disposable tissues can protect against infection.

Limit places of high concentration

The more people gather in one place, the easier it is for the infection to spread.

Protect your loved ones too

Protect your family from infection too. Supply everyone with vitamins and explain the importance of basic hygiene rules to your children.

Don’t underestimate the flu shot

While the flu shot may not be 100 percent effective, it can protect most people. Vaccination must be repeated every year because the flu virus changes every year, and so the vaccine used must change with it.

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