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Bristol (News Desk) Scientists have discovered a gene that can shorten the life of the heart by 10 years. Scientists are hopeful that this new discovery could prevent heart disease years before symptoms appear, and even reverse heart failure in old age. Experts have long believed that people who live to be 100 years old have a special gene that protects their hearts from age-related complications. Scientists in Bristol, UK, have discovered a mutated gene (thought to prevent aging) that pushed back the lifespan of a rat’s heart by 10 years. The injected gene also protected middle-aged mice from deteriorating heart function, the experts said. According to Professor Paulo Madido of the Bristol Heart Institute at the University of Bristol, the research findings confirm that healthy variant genes have the potential to reverse the deterioration of heart health in older people. With age, the heart’s performance and blood circulation throughout the body naturally deteriorates. But lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise determine the rate at which heart health deteriorates. Recent research suggests that these genes can be injected into people.

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