Sri Lankan Parliament

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe suspended Parliament until February 8; a policy of making the minority Tamil community partners in power was drawn up.

Parliament has been suspended until President Wickremesinghe will announce long-term policies on a number of issues.

Long-term policies will also prepare a plan of action to deal with the unprecedented economic crisis that has been going on for months.

President Wickremesinghe issued an extraordinary order to suspend Parliament yesterday.

The government did not give a clear reason for the move, but according to a statement issued by the presidential office, Wickremesinghe will announce new policies and laws on February 8 that will remain in effect until Sri Lanka’s centenary of independence in 2048.

During the suspension of Parliament, the Speaker will continue to function while the legislators will remain in their seats, but no session will be held.

There is a strong possibility that the Sri Lankan President will make a policy of making the minority Tamil community a partner in power.

It should be noted that Sri Lanka is bankrupt; the country’s total foreign debt has exceeded 51 billion dollars.

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