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A top US Air Force official has told his units to prepare for war, predicting a conflict with China by 2025.
According to the AFP news agency, General Mike Minihan, head of the US Air Mobility Command, said in an internal message that “our main goal should be deterrence and, if necessary, defeat China.”
“I hope I am wrong,” he said. But I think we will fight in 2025.

General Mike explained the reasons and said that next year’s presidential elections in Taiwan could provide Chinese President Xi Jinping with an opportunity for military aggression. while the US administration’s attention is focused on the presidential elections in its own country. Will be.
“(President) Xi’s team, reasons and all opportunities are relevant to the year 2025,” he added.
In the message, General Mike urged all personnel of the Mobile Command to go to the firing range and try to hit the head during target shooting.
A Pentagon spokesman confirmed to AFP that the letter was sent by General Mike.
Statements by senior US officials in recent months suggest that China’s efforts to gain control over Taiwan are accelerating.
Despite Beijing’s opposition in August last year, China held large-scale military exercises after White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.
The US House of Representatives has called for increased military aid to Taiwan, saying that after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the importance of preparing as soon as possible has increased.

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