Health Minister Naba Kishore Das

State Health Minister Naba Kishore Das has been seriously injured by a police officer in Odisha state of India.
According to the Indian channel ‘NDTV’, Odisha Health Minister Niba Kashood Das was shot when he came to participate in an event at Gandhi Chowk in Brajraj Nagar.
In the video that went viral on social media, it can be seen that as soon as the health minister got out of his car, a gunshot was heard, after which a noise was heard from the crowd and Naba Kishore Das fell back on the front seat of his car.

In the same video, a khaki uniformed policeman can also be seen who, according to Indian media, opened fire on Naba Kishore Das.
In another video, some people can be seen pulling Odisha’s health minister out of a car. The video shows that the bullet hit Naba Kishore Das in the chest, after which his white shirt was covered in blood.
According to Times of India, the officer who attacked Odisha Health Minister Naba Kishore Das was identified as Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Gopal Das, who belongs to Jharsguda city.

The policeman who attacked has been taken into custody but no official statement has come out as to why he attacked the health minister.
The injured health minister has been shifted to Apollo Hospital in Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s largest city.

A police officer stationed in the area told The Times of India that “the minister was shot at very close range when he came in his car to inaugurate two new buildings of the Brajrajnagar district government.”
It should be noted that Odisha is ruled by the local political party ‘Biju Janata Dal’ and Naba Kishore Das also belongs to this party.

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