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The second Saudi Design Festival concluded on January 23 in the kingdom’s capital. But organizers will extend their work beyond that date and beyond the kingdom’s borders.
According to Arab News, the Saudi Design Festival is an official member of World Design. Weeks where it will promote cross-event collaboration with international counterparts.

The Saudi Design Festival plans to participate in the World Design Summit in Tokyo in October.
The Saudi Design Festival team that launched Saudi Design Week a decade ago has announced plans to go international and team up with the French Embassy in Riyadh. And CV School of Design and France Design Week.

International counterparts were present during the Saudi Design Week in Riyadh. Where initial commitments were strengthened to establish a long-term partnership and expand our cooperation.
Saudi Design Week said in a statement that it is “proud to join the global design organization. As one of the first Gulf members”.
The Saudi Design Festival, in line with the organization’s events and activities, has initiated discussions with WDO’s Special Envoy and Regional Adviser for the Middle East and North Africa, the statement added.

“We are excited to explore opportunities to collaborate and promote design through the Saudi Design Festival, not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the Gulf region.” This design offers a common tool for nations to find meaningful solutions to global challenges.
The agreement between the CEO of the Saudi Design Festival and Hilu included discussions on the inclusion of WDO events and objectives in Riyadh and beyond.
The multi-partnership will focus on developing design education programs and joint initiatives.

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