Khalistan Referendum in Melbourne

In Australia’s first-ever referendum on the creation of Khalistan, members of the Sikh community in Melbourne are voting in favor of an independent Khalistan.

According to a foreign news agency, there are 2 km lkm-longues of the Sikh community for voting in Melbourne.

According to the Sikh Press Association, hundreds of people are expected to vote in the referendum throughout the day.

The Sikh Press Association has stated that the Khalistan campaign has also been supported by indigenous groups in Australia, negatively affecting coverage of the Indian state anti-Sikh propaganda campaign.

The people participating in the referendum have demanded that India end the forced occupation of East Punjab, and the that theted Nations should take notice of the atrocities on Sikhs in India.

On the occasion of the referendum, a new map of Khalistan, the separate homeland of the Sikhs, was also presented.

It should be noted that earlier in Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and 7 European countries, voting has been done in referendum for Khalistan.istan.

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