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Earlier, Germany announced that it would provide Ukraine with “Leopard” main battle tanks, and Ukraine then asked Germany to provide fighter jets and submarines.

In this regard, German Chancellor Scholz warned in an interview with German media that it is necessary to be cautious in providing weapons to Ukraine, and called for a ceasefire through dialogue with Russia.

The German media “Daily Mirror” reported on the 29th that Scholz said that Germany is not a party to the war. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Germany will make every effort to ensure that the situation will not escalate. In addition, Scholz also warned of caution in supplying weapons to Ukraine. He also called for maintaining direct dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin to achieve a ceasefire through dialogue.

The day before, Argentine President Fernandez said at a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Scholz that Latin American countries had not considered sending weapons to Ukraine. According to Brazilian media reports, Brazilian President Lula recently rejected Germany’s request to Brazil to provide “Leopard” tank ammunition.

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