King Abdullah Port

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Port recorded a 3.25 percent increase in container throughput in 2022, cementing its position among the world’s fastest-growing ports.
According to Arab News, the CEO of King Abdullah Port, Jay Niu, said, “We are proud that the port performed positively in 2022 despite the challenges posed by the global economic crisis to international trade.”

“This success is a validation of its business model, its industry capabilities, its undisputed role in Saudi Arabia’s logistics and maritime sectors,” he added.
King Abdullah Port had a successful year in 2022, being recognized as the ‘World’s Second Fastest Growing Port’ by Alfliner in April.
King Abdullah Port has been awarded this prestigious ranking twice in the last four years as a testament to its continuous efforts to further develop its infrastructure. improve the depth and breadth of its offerings and expand its operations. reflects the
The port handled 2.9 million, five thousand 306 containerized cargoes at its container terminal, which was recorded at 2.8 million, 13 thousand 920 in 2021.
In another significant milestone, King Abdullah Port facilitated the delivery of 288 trucks to Australia as part of its first trial.
Jay New, CEO of King Abdullah Port, said, ‘Despite the challenging outlook for 2023, we are optimistic that the port will emerge stronger this year to become one of the fastest and highest performing ports globally. Make space. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and partners and contributing to the national efforts to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.
King Abdullah Port crossed the milestone of handling 15 million TEUs in record time in May 2022. Its container terminal began operations nine years ago.

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