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In the Indian state of Karnataka, a young man was tied up and tortured on the side of the road for transporting beef, and the scenes went viral on social timelines.
Those who shared the video of the incident of violence claimed that ‘Hindu extremists tortured a person from Assam.’

This is not the first incident of violence on the issue of beef, but earlier such incidents have been reported from different states of India.
Consumers commenting on the recent issue, questioned why India is among the major exporters of beef and hides, pointing out the violent incidents and the inconsistency in state policy.

Indian journalist Imran Khan, while sharing the details of the recent incident, said that ‘a case has been registered against three members of Bajrang Dal on the charge of torturing a young man from Assam by tying him to an electric pole on the roadside.’
He further wrote that the youth was accused of carrying beef on his motorcycle. A counter-complaint has also been filed against him.

De-Intent Data, an account set up to break propaganda, claimed that it was “misrepresenting the real issue”.
However, he admitted in his tweet that “the people of Bajrang Dil had caught and tied up a person while taking beef.”

It was also explained that the state government has made a law against the slaughter of animals under which it is an offense to slaughter, transfer or sell animals.

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