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The government of British Columbia, Canada’s western province, has allowed the possession and transportation of small amounts of heroin, meth, ecstasy and crack cocaine.
According to the British news agency Reuters, referring to the authorities, according to the three-year pilot project, there will be no legal action against the people carrying the said drugs.
Officials say the move has been taken to prevent problems arising from drug overdoses.

According to official statistics, one-third of the 32,000 deaths in British Columbia since 2016 were due to drug overdoses, and this year the administration launched emergency measures to address drug overdoses.
Due to the Corona epidemic, the problem of drug overdose in Colombia has seen an alarming increase as it has also affected the illegal operation of drugs and the supply chain, which then leads drug addicts to other toxic drugs. What they used alone.
Preliminary statistics released by the administration on Tuesday showed 2,227 suspected drug-related deaths in 2022, up from 2021, and 34 additional deaths this year.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government said in May last year that drug users in British Columbia would be exempted, a first in Canada.

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The administration said that carrying small amounts of the drug would not be considered a crime and hoped that the measure would deal with the public health issue rather than criminal cases.
The province’s administration says the move is aimed at reducing the perception of stigma around substance use, as well as enabling the public to easily approach authorities for guidance.
Robert Schwartz, associate professor at the University of Toronto, says that while the initiative is laudable at first, it is also critical that the problem be brought under control.
“The problem is that we are faced with more and more illegal content that causes harm. Public health measures will have to be taken to deal with this situation and drug authorization is the first step among them.
Drugs included in the list of exemptions can be carried for personal use only up to two decimal five grams.
Health experts say that with the government’s initiative, drug users will be able to use them in a safe environment where they will find it easier to get medical help.

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